DBS Perforation For Accurate Microsampling

  Do you have an idea about Perforated Dried Blood Spot? No problem. Perforated Dried Blood Spot is the new technology of blood sample collection which offers strong advantages as compared to the conventional collection procedure and the analysis of samples of blood or plasma. The advantages of this procedure include remarkably less amount of blood required for the bio-analysis and shipping and storage easily at the ambient temperature. Leading to simplify the procedure of blood collection and reducing the significant cost of the procedure, PDBS (Perforated Dried Blood Spot) analysis has gained importance increasingly.

Applications of Dried Blood Spot analysis

   This procedure is essential for NBS (New Born Screening) where the least amount of blood is available. In many countries across the world, every newborn baby is screened for the identification of inborn errors through DBS Perforation. TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) is also considered as a major field where the DBS technology is applied. In this procedure collection of blood samples can be done by the patient himself and the whole procedure is minimally invasive. Blood samples can be shipped to the central laboratories through the standard delivery of mail. Due to these reasons, DBS is also used in clinical studies.

Application of Dried Blood Spot analysis in future

   During the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry where micro-sampling technology is applied to the discovery of drugs and the development of the study has included Dried Blood Spot sampling and created interest in this technology. Dried Blood Spot analysis is going to gain even more momentum in future due to the fact that the procedure is best for people who need to perform several blood tests at a time or even for infants who cannot bear the pain of needles. This procedure is much better and less invasive than the conventional venipuncture and is thus one of the reasons why it is going to get even more famous in future. DBS in some research work has shown to destroy the capsid of viruses and this feature is being further explored by scientists.


 In the future, perhaps we will see more advantages of DBS technology. Presently, Lipomic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., DBS Kit Manufacturers, offer the option for DBS Perforation which is considered a viable alternative to the conventional DBS procedure including the additional advantages like being able to analysis the sample without any punching, utilization of complete sample, recovery of assessment easily and no influence of HCT levels on sampling.

  Lipomic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Dried Blood Spot Kit Manufacturers providing India’s first real Home2Lab Test kit that contains all components necessary for cost-effective collection, storage, and transportation of DBS samples from the comfort of your home.


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